Can super admins book workspaces for themselves?

Can super admins book workspaces for themselves?

Super admins receive an activation code on their email. They can enter the code on the app to activate their account. Once successfully activated, they can book workspaces through the app.

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    • How can my employees book workspaces?

      After the admins add/send invites to employees, they receive an email with an activation code. Employees can book workspaces by entering the activation code on the myHQ Mobile App. This activates their account and adds them to the team plan. They ...
    • I was added as a Super Admin but cannot access the dashboard. How do I get a new password?

      Super Admins can reset the password through the log in screen on dashboard:
    • Which roles can be assigned? Why are there only 2 roles available?

      Currently we have 2 roles that can be assigned - User and Super Admin. User refers to team’s members who are added to the plan and can book workspaces. They do not have access to the dashboard. Super Admin are the team’s admins who have complete ...
    • Who can be a Super Admin?

      The team admin who signs up on the dashboard is the first Super Admin of the team. After that they can assign anyone as Super Admin. It can be done in 2 ways: Sending them an invite, or Changing their role afterwards
    • How do I add a Super Admin?

      Super Admin has access to all the settings and features on the dashboard. It can be done in 2 ways: Sending an invite Click on Add User from Home or Employees tab From here you can add either individual or multiple users at once While adding the ...