How do I create a new group?

How do I create a new group?

You can click on Create Group from the Home tab or from the Groups tab.

Here’s how to create a new group: (attach images)

  1. Click on Create Group from the Home tab or from the Groups tab
  2. You will see the general settings of the group like Group Name, Space Type, Spend limit, and Work days your team can make bookings on
  3. These are required to create a group
  4. Click on Create Group
To limit the workspace or locations for a group, please get in touch with your myHQ representative 

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      Default group is created for your convenience. It has been set to default settings to which the first Super Admin is added. Super Admin can edit the group and add employees to it to start the team plan for everyone.
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      When you are creating or editing a group, you can set access to limited locations for the users added in the respective group. Here’s how to set Location Limitations (attach images) Go to Create Group or Edit Group Click on Manage locations By ...
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