Sign up as a Team Admin

Sign up as a Team Admin

  • Open

  • Enter the required details

  • Verify your no. with the OTP sent to it

  • Enter your company information

  • Click on Finish

You have successfully created the account. You can start adding your team members, purchase plan and define policies

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    • Who can be a Super Admin?

      The team admin who signs up on the dashboard is the first Super Admin of the team. After that they can assign anyone as Super Admin. It can be done in 2 ways: Sending them an invite, or Changing their role afterwards
    • How do I remove someone who is a Super Admin?

      Super Admin has access to all the settings and features on the dashboard. Super Admin’s role can either be changed to another role or they can be removed from the team plan only by another Super Admin. Here’s how to remove a Super Admin: Go to ...
    • How do I add/invite my team/associates to the Team Plan?

      Team admins can add associates to the dashboard and keep a track of all the bookings made. Admin can add members into two categories: Employees and Super Admin. Here’s how to add them: Go to Employees tab on the dashboard Click on Add Users button ...
    • What are groups? How do groups help in managing the team?

      Groups are used to define limits for your teams. These limits include the days on which your team can book workspaces, how much they can spend, which type of space they can book, if they can be allowed to add external guests in their bookings or not, ...
    • As a user of Team Plan, where is my activation code? Why can’t I access it using my activation code?

      Check your company/work email ID for the activation code. If you cannot find it, please ask your team’s admin to re-send you the invite. You can also go to the app and follow the steps below: Go to user menu Open Activate Team Flexi Click on Enter ...