Discounts for myHQ Users at Work Cafes | Free Beverages and Cashback

What discounts do I get as a myHQ user at work cafes?

At each myHQ work cafe you get free beverages on every visit and at least a 15% cashback. Every myHQ space has different discount offers which is mentioned on the details page on the website and mobile app.
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    • Can I use cash/card to pay for my food expenses at a myHQ work cafe?

      We do not recommend paying via cash/card at myHQ spaces. As a myHQ user you get exclusive discounts, cashbacks and free beverages on every visit. These offers are only applicable when you pay using myHQ credits
    • Can I bring guests along with me to a work cafe?

      Yes, at most of myHQ work cafes, guests are free to visit for a day. Just make sure you register your guest on the app.
    • How do I work out of a cafe/restaurant? Isn’t it usually loud and noisy?

      myHQ work cafes are curated spaces in cafes/restaurants where we have a separate exclusive area reserved for coworking. These spaces are well-lit and quiet, have just the perfect desk/table with comfortable seating which allow you to do focused, ...
    • What are the work/open hours of the workspaces?

      Each myHQ space has a different operating time which is mentioned on the space’s page in the app. Generally, most of our spaces are available for at least 8 hours in a day for coworking, to ensure a productive work day.
    • myHQ Work Plans

      myHQ work plans are affordable, flexible and have been designed keeping in mind different use cases so that you can focus on what's more important, your work. No matter what your workspace need is, we have a plan for you! Flexible Visit Based Plan ...